Policies, Rules and Guidelines

Riverbound Board Protocols

  1. Finances
    1. The bank account will be in the name Riverbound.
    2. One Board member will serve as treasurer for the group.
    3. The bank account will have at least three board members’ signatures on it.
    4. Income from Riverbound functions will be spent on Riverbound expenses as approved by the board.
    5. Expenditures over $200 must be pre-approved by the Board.
    6. A receipt must accompany all expenditures.
    7. The treasurer will, at every Board meeting, present in writing, records of income and expenses.
    8. An end of the year financial summary will be presented to Riverbound members in April prior to the Board elections.
    1. Keep detailed records of monthly income and expenses.
    2. Pay standing bills without prior approval. Notify Board upon payment and bills will be approved at the following Board meeting.
  2. Official Riverbound Functions
    1. Munch
    2. Dom Discussion
    3. Sub Forum
    4. Play Party
    5. Special Events (as announced by the Board)
    6. Switch Forum
    1. Attending an official function is a prerequisite for a member to attend play parties. The Board, for a special circumstance, may waive this requirement.
  3. Committees
    1. Standing Riverbound Committees are:
      1. Munch
      2. Dom Discussion
      3. Sub Forum
      4. Play Party & Demo
      5. Anniversary Party
      6. Reciprocity
      7. New Members Committee
      8. Fundraising Committee
      9. Ad Hoc committees as approved by the Board.
    2. Each committee shall have a term of up to six (6) months, at which time the board may re-appoint the committee members or appoint new committee members.
    3. One board member shall be the liaison to each committee.
  4. Munches
    1. Munches should be held during the second weekend of the month, in the following preferred rotation: Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday brunch.
    2. Dates and times can be changed and changes shall be communicated to the board.
    3. The attendees will pay all costs of the meeting.
    4. Munch location will be announced at the Play Party and to those on the RSVP List.
    5. RSVP’s are due 48 hours prior to the event. All Munches are RSVP through our Munch RSVP page or FetLife by clicking on “I’m going”
    6. Accepting late RSVP’s is at the discretion of the munch organizer.
    7. The munch committee is responsible for:
      1. Finding a suitable location (privacy preferred).
      2. Determining a subject to be discussed.
      3. Leading or designating someone to lead the discussion.
      4. Taking RSVP’s for the Munch.
    1. The munch organizer or their designate will check ID‘s.
    2. Directions and location will be posted to the RSVP list at least 24 hours in advance of the munch.
  5. Dom Discussion/Sub Forum/Switch Forum
    1. The Sub Forum will be held during the third week of the month. The leader of the event will determine the time, date and location.
    2. The Dom Discussion will be held monthly, day and time being determined by the discussion group leader.
    3. The Switch Forum will be held during the third week of the month.
    4. Attendees will pay all costs of the meeting.
    5. RSVP’s are due by midnight the day before the event. Accepting late RSVP’s is at the discretion of the function leader.
    1. Directions to and location of these events should be posted to the RSVP list at least 24 hours prior to the event.
    2. The event leader, or their designate, will check ID’‘s.
  6. Play Party
    1. Members of the Play Party Standing Committee will arrange the location, demonstration and Dungeon Monitors for the play party.
    2. Attendance to play parties is open only to those paid members meeting the attendance criteria outlined in Protocol II and in Appendix A to these Protocols.
    3. At the last Board meeting of the year, the Board should set the dates for the next year’s Play Parties.
    4. The date or time of a play party can be changed by a vote of the Board.
    5. RSVPs must go to a board member and be received by midnight the day before the event. Late RSVP’s can be accepted at the discretion of that board member.
    6. The Riverbound business meeting will be held at the monthly play party and lead by a Board Member. Any action taken at the business meeting will be reported on the list.
    7. The Board sets the rules for the play parties. Rules can be changed by a vote of the Board.
    8. Dungeon Monitors will be in charge of the loudness of the music.
    9. There shall be a minimum of one Dungeon Monitor per play area on duty at all times during a play party. There should be enough DM’s on duty to be in full view of all play areas.
    10. General cleanup and dungeon tear down will start at 1 AM, more or less.
    11. Dungeon Monitors must have taken the Riverbound Dungeon Training in order to serve. The Board may waive this requirement. The Board may also revoke a person’s ability to serve as a Dungeon Monitor.
    1. A Board member or their designate will man the door ID’s of first time attendees and mark the RSVP list for all members attending.
  7. Board Authority & Scope
    1. The Board will be made up of 7 elected members who are paid Annual Members of Riverbound.
    2. A quorum of five (5) members must be in attendance at all Board Meetings.
    3. The Board shall hold quarterly board meetings. The 2nd quarter meeting must be held in June. The meetings will be announced, via the listserv, to the membership at least one week prior to the meeting date.
    4. Any member of the Board may call a special board meeting by posting a request to the Board list at least two weeks in advance.
    5. The Secretary will post the minutes and actions taken to the list (after Board approval) within 2 weeks. Any Board member can write the minutes and information to be posted.
    6. A majority vote (4 of 7) of the entire board is required for a motion to carry.
    7. The Board is responsible for all Riverbound official events.
    8. The Board is responsible for the funds of Riverbound.
    9. The Board is responsible for holding and administering an annual election of Board members per Protocol VIII.
    10. All Riverbound lists and all Email List Software remains the property and responsibility of the Board. A Riverbound Board member will be the Owner on all lists affiliated with Riverbound or its sub-committees. Committee members may be moderators with limited access. Owners leaving the Board should change ownership upon the ending of their term. Protocol X.F. about Flaming applies to all Riverbound owned lists.
    11. The Web Site remains the property and responsibility of the Board.
      1. Treasurer will be the Liaison to the Webmaster.
      2. 2 Board members should have total access to the website.
      3. Passwords should be kept in the files section of the Board list.
    12. Robert’s Rules of Order will be used for running Board meetings, voting and general Board business except as stated in these protocols.
    13. Email voting:
      1. Voting will be run by the chair.
      2. Following a motion and second, the chair will entertain discussion for a reasonable period of time.
      3. The chair will call for a vote. All Board members must vote within 48 hours.
      4. Voting period may be extended at the discretion of the chair.
      5. At the discretion and approval of the chair, more than one motion may be under consideration at one time under Email voting.
      6. Chair is permitted to make a motion.
    1. All motions, seconds, discussions and voting done via email must be labeled as such in the subject field of the email, listing the action and the motion under consideration.
    2. The Secretary should announce the result of all votes to the list.
    3. The Secretary should announce scheduled meetings to the list.
  8. Election of Board Members
    1. The Board will be made up of 7 elected members. Term length will be two (2) years.
    2. Three (3) members will be elected in May of odd years and four (4) members will be elected in May of even years.
    3. The Board term begins June 1st and runs for 12 months through the following May.
    4. Any Riverbound member wishing to run for a Board position must self-declare to the Board list between April 15th and Midnight, April 30th.
    5. To run for election you must meet the following guidelines:
      1. Be an Annual member of Riverbound AND
      2. Have attended at least six (6) Riverbound play parties in the past 12 months.
    6. To vote you must meet the following guidelines:
      1. Be an Annual member of Riverbound.
      2. Votes will be cast via email between the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month of May (balloting closes at midnight).
      3. Elected Board members will be announced first at the May Business Meeting and posted on the List the following day.
      4. In case of a tie vote, the tie will be broken by drawing a name out of a hat. This will be done at the business meeting.
      5. In the event of a vacancy, the Board shall appoint an interim member to fill the slot until the next election.
    1. The Board will announce when the declaration period is open.
    2. The Board will confirm or disaffirm the eligibility of those who have declared and notify them of such.
    3. The Board will post the ballot and voting instructions to the membership, via the listserv.
    4. The Board members who are not up for election will receive and tally the votes in a method determined by the Board.
    5. The Board will notify candidates of the elections results the day of the play party.
    6. All Board members should attempt to attend every Board meeting. If a member misses 2 consecutive meetings (of the 4 normally scheduled meetings for the year), the Board member may be requested to resign their term.
  9. Membership
    1. Anyone who is at least 19 may join the Listserv by following the proper procedures. Belonging to the Listserv is considered a subscription and does not constitute being a member of Riverbound. Listserv Subscribers will not be required to sign a waiver. Subscribers may attend official Riverbound events except Play Parties.
    2. Riverbound will have three levels of membership: Annual Member, Supporting Member, and Trial Member. All members will be required to sign a wavier annually and provide their real name, address (optional) phone number (optional) and email address. The minimum age of membership in Riverbound is 19 years.
    3. Annual Member — An Annual membership will cost $65.00. An Annual Member has the following privileges:
      1. May attend all Riverbound only functions at no extra charge (excluding the October Anniversary Party).
      2. Will have access to the members only section of the website.
      3. May vote in the annual Board of Directors election.
    4. Trial Membership – A Trial membership will cost $15.00. It is good for one month. Once a trial member has paid the equivalent of a full membership, they will be granted full membership privileges.
    5. Supporting Member – A Supporting membership will cost $25.00. A Supporting Member has the following privileges:
      1. May attend one Riverbound only play party at no extra charge (excluding the Anniversary Party). Attendance to other parties will require additional fees.
      2. May vote in the annual Board of Directors election.
    1. This Protocol does not supersede any other protocol. All event rules (including RSVP’s) must be followed.
    2. The membership year runs July 1–June 30.
    3. Annual, Supporting, & Trial Membership fees are non-refundable.
    4. After January 1 an Annual Membership fee will be $35.00 and will expire on June 30.
    5. Members should be subscribed to the Riverbound.net listserv either individually or in a joint account.

    Payment Plan — If you choose to use the payment plan for the cost of an Annual Membership is $66.00 per person per year. The payments MUST be made in installments of $22.00 each, paid in 3 consecutive months. If one payment is missed, the fees are forfeited. PAYMENTS HAVE TO BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE PARTY DATES OF EACH RESPECTIVE MONTH. DATES OF EACH RESPECTIVE MONTH. Payments made by check or cash can be mailed or given to a Board member. You may also pay by using EventBrite. Contact the Board for more information.

  10. Riverbound Owned Lists
    1. Riverbound owns the Riverbound.net listserv. A member of the Board will serve as List Owner.
    2. Joint accounts are allowed (2 or more members with one email account) as long as the List Owner is notified.
    3. The subscriber list will be purged annually through a required introduction process.
    4. All Riverbound subsidiary listservs will be purged at approximately the same time as the main list.
    5. Subscription in the Archives list is restricted to Riverbound subscribers only.
    6. For all lists NO flaming is tolerated. A post will be considered to be a flame if it includes angry, hostile, or abusive language directed at an individual or group of individuals, as opposed to being critical of the ideas being discussed. If a flame is posted, the member will receive one warning. Further offenses will be dealt with as described below:
      1. If a possible flame is posted, anyone may post it to the board list to get the opinions of the board members. If it is agreed that it is a flame the member will be given a warning.
      2. If a subsequent flame is posted within a year of the first offense, anyone may post it to the board list to get the opinions of the other board members. If it is agreed that it is a flame the member is put on moderated status for 60 days.
      3. If a subsequent flame is posted within a year of the second offense, anyone may post it to the board list to get the opinions of the other board members. If it is agreed that it is a flame the member is removed from the group for a minimum of 6 months.
      4. No subscriber may be removed for list violations without approval of the Board. The List Owner will temporarily suspend the subscriber’s ability to post until any Board vote concerning the alleged violations is taken.
    1. Posts should be of a BDSM nature or related to the group or its members. If it is not about BDSM, it should be labeled as Off-Topic (OT).
    2. No “trolling” (posts in which one is looking for partners) should be posted to the listserv. This is allowed as part of a member‘s annual introduction.
    3. The Board Liaison to each committee will provide the Listowner with the proper header information each month.
    4. The Listowner will request everyone on the list to do an introduction from every subscribed email in order to remain on the list.
    5. The Listowner will set the time frame for the introductory process (not less than 2 weeks).
    6. Any screen name not introduced will be removed from the list.
    7. List moderators and owners of subsidiary lists will remove screen names not introduced on the main list. They will coordinate with the main Listowner for accuracy.
    8. No spamming will be allowed on the listserv. Spamming will be defined as any post which is meant to promote a commercial enterprise or the means by which someone earns a living. Exceptions to this definition may be made by the Board. Subscribers to the Riverbound listserv may advertise personal items or services for sale, within the limits of all Federal, State, and local laws.
    9. Notices of events and activities at groups other than Riverbound are welcome, as long as the notices do not violate any Riverbound rules, protocols, or SOPs, and are infrequent. Such notices must include a disclaimer that the event and/or activity is not associated with Riverbound.
  11. Board Member — Removal by the Board
    1. Any Board member may bring forth a motion for a “Vote of No Confidence” against another Board member.
    2. This motion can only be brought forth at a regular or special meeting not over email.
    3. If necessary, the progression of leadership during this time shall be:
      1. Chair
      2. Secretary
      3. Treasurer
      4. Ombudsman
      5. This line of progression and this protocol will remain in effect until this action is brought to close.
    4. This motion does not need a second and a vote on this motion must be taken before the close of the meeting.
    5. A Vote of No Confidence requires a super-majority of the voting Board members present. The accused &ampl accuser cannot vote.
    6. If a Vote of No Confidence is taken and passed a two-week investigative period of impeachment begins.
      1. During this time the accuser and the accused are temporarily suspended from reading Board list mail. They may continue to post.
      2. During this time, regular Board business will be suspended as well, except for an emergency.
      3. All Board discussion will continue to be archived.
    7. The Board will meet for an impeachment meeting in no less than 14 days nor more than 16 days to hear any final discussion.
    8. The Board must make a decision on impeachment in no more than 7 days from the date of the Impeachment meeting.
      1. Impeachment requires a super-majority of the voting board members.
      2. If a Board member, who is eligible to vote, refuses to vote, their proxy vote is automatically an aye vote in favor of the motion.
      3. If the Board does not take action during this 7-day period, all charges are dropped.
      4. This final vote may be taken via email.
    9. The voting members of the Board decide the action to be taken, which may include: removal from Board, removal from the list, censorship on list or activities or other action the Board may deem appropriate.
    10. If a vacancy is created, Protocol 8, section J goes into affect.
    11. The Board will notify the membership of the issue and the outcome at the conclusion of the issue.



A member is anyone who has paid the proper dues for membership.
Sponsored Guest
A sponsored guest is someone who is personally known by a Riverbound member and brought to a function by that member. The sponsor is responsible for their guest’s behavior.
A minch is a term coined by a Riverbound member. Although it was originally a ‘typo’, it has come to be a regular term within our group. A minch is a social event called by any Riverbound member and open to anyone. It is not an official event and does not qualify a person to attend a play party.


The Riverbound Munch Committee organizes this sponsored, scheduled social event. It is open to any Riverbound member and their sponsored guests. This is a social gathering meant to provide an opportunity for new and present members to meet in a public place. First time attendees will need to show a photo ID. Held the 2nd weekend of each month.
Dom/Switch Discussions
These are discussion meetings for Dom/Dommes and for Switches. They are open to any Dom/Domme/Switch Riverbound member or member sponsored guest. First time attendees will need to show a photo ID. The Discussion leader sets the date.
Sub Forum
This is a discussion meeting for subs. It is open to any sub member who has attended one other sponsored function (at any time since Oct. ‘99) or is the sponsored guest of a Riverbound sub member who has attended one other function. Because of the level of intimacy in the conversation at this event, the subs have requested this attendance requirement. First time attendees will need to show a photo ID. Held during the 3rd week of each month. (The Sub Forum liaison from the Board has the ability to waive this attendance requirement.)
Play Party (with Demo and Food)
This event is open to paying members who have attended one other Riverbound sponsored function at any time since Oct. 99. Exceptions can be made for out-of-town sponsored guests when the Riverbound member provides the real name of the guest to the List Owner. Held the 4th Saturday of each month. Out-of-town refers to a person who lives 75 miles or more away from Davenport, Iowa.


Other Social Events
coffees, “minches” and other social get-togethers, called by any member of Riverbound and posted to the list are open to anyone. These events do not qualify a member to attend a play party.


The key words are Honor, Integrity, and Discretion.

Honor the Safe, Sane, & Consensual Code.
Honor safe words and realize that if you haven’t negotiated safe words, “no” means “no.”
Honor the physical & emotional space of members as well as their property.
Do not presume authority over anyone without his or her express consent.
Do not assume someone wants authority over you.
Honor the house rules of any private play party held for Riverbound members.
Represent yourself and your experience honestly.
Do not impose your beliefs, practices, or ideas on anyone else.
Keep the safety and enjoyment of others first in your mind during activities/scenes.
Do not insult, belittle, or in any way attack other members of the group under any circumstances.
Do nothing that calls attention to Riverbound or individual Riverbound members or guests by non-Riverbound members or legal authorities this includes but is not limited to abusing alcohol, possession and/or use of illegal substances, involving or inviting minors in Riverbound activities (for our purposes, a minor is anyone under the age of 19), carrying illegal firearms, soliciting money for sexual or BDSM acts, or any other activity that would get you or those around you arrested.
Respect the privacy of Riverbound members by not revealing any personal information about them. Only they have the right to reveal their legal name, address, etc. to others.
Be aware of how your appearance and clothing may call unwanted attention as you enter and leave a restaurant, bar, or private home where a Riverbound party is in progress.
Do not use cameras or any type of recording devices at any Riverbound event.
Some Riverbound play parties or demos may permit photographs, but be sure to check with the Board before the event and follow any rules s/he demands to protect the privacy of those who do not want to be recorded.

A useful mnemonic for the code is HID-E Riverbound:
Honor, Integrity & Discretion lead to an Enjoyable Riverbound.

Appendix C — Play Parties


  • You must be attired in clothing that is suitable to be seen in public when you first arrive and when you leave the building. Fetish wear may be worn during the play party.
  • Play Parties include a potluck dinner, the monthly Business Meeting of Riverbound, a demo followed by open dungeon play time. Please bring a dish to share.
  • Attendance guidelines are posted on the Activities page.
  • Dungeon Monitors will be in place during the play time to ensure the safe and sane play of everyone using the dungeon and to ensure that the dungeon is a safe and sane place to play.
  • If you ask someone to play, make your intentions, limitations and desires clear. If you are asked to play, respond with the same information. Negotiate.
  • Observing scenes is one of the fun parts of a Play Party. Be polite and respectful in your voyeurism. Do not interrupt, intrude, or comment on scenes in progress.


These are the Dungeon Rules that are posted at every party along with extra explanations.

  1. Practice Safe, Sane and Consensual play.
  2. DM‘s instructions regarding an activity must be followed. If you disagree, discuss it with him/her quietly or contact the Chief DM (any Board Member present). Alert the DM if you observe a scene that you feel violates safety guidelines.
  3. No drugs or alcohol of any sort are permitted on the premises. If you are considered “under the influence” you will be asked to leave.
  4. Offering, soliciting or agreeing to an act of prostitution is strictly forbidden.
  5. Cameras and recording devices of ANY kind are strictly forbidden. Cell phones must not be visible in the play area.
  6. Clean up after yourself. Wipe equipment with solution provided. Throw trash in containers.
  7. The kitchen is a safe space. You must be dressed in the kitchen.
  8. Use a towel, blanket or other cloth item to protect furniture, toys, chairs and floors from body fluids.
  9. Scat — Not allowed.
  10. Blood players must take all precautions for safety and cleanup (i.e., disposable gloves, container for sharps, disinfectant, etc.).
  11. Water Sports — Players must provide their own containment and sanitary cleanup.
  12. Red is the universal safeword. RED means STOP. An active scene must stop if either player calls Red. If a submissive is not able to speak, a drop object should be used (located in the DM sash).
  13. Failure to obey these rules will be reason for expulsion from the Play Party.